The Lake Arrowhead Ion Chemistry conference began some 47 years ago as annual joint group meetings initiated by Jack Beauchamp (Caltech), Mike Bowers (UC Santa Barbara), Bob McIver (UC Irvine) and Bob Taft (UC Irvine). These meetings grew in popularity making it desirable to choose a slightly more formal venue. Since 1981, the meetings have been held at the UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead California. Clear skies, fresh air, wild flowers and 40 acres of pine forests surround the meeting site. The conference center is located beside beautiful Lake Arrowhead, tucked in the San Bernardino Mountains north of Riverside, California. The facilities at the conference center are comfortable; the food is very good and plentiful.

Since its inception, the meeting has focused on providing an excellent forum for presentations by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  However, talks from acknowledged world experts in ion chemistry and mass spectrometry are a regular part of the meeting (see Saturday Evening Talks below).

Because the topic of the meeting is focused, the audience is knowledgeable and lively. The cozy size of the meeting (generally ranging between 50 to 85 participants) promotes extensive interactions between participants.

Saturday Evening Talks

2017 "Once Upon Anion: A Tale of Photodetachment" W. Carl Lineberger of the Universith of Colorado, Boulder

W. Carl Lineberger

2016 “My Adventures in the Spectroscopy of Gas-Phase Biological Molecules: From a Cool Reception to a Hot Topic” Thomas R. Rizzo of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

2015 “Adventures in Ion Chemistry: My First 44 Years” Veronica M. Bierbaum, University of Colorado, Boulder


2014 " Colorful Colonials: Australian Adventures, Eccentrics, Rogues, Showmen, and Pioneers" Richard A. J. O’Hair, University of Melbourne


2013 "2130 Bond Energies and Counting" Peter B. Armentrout, University of Utah


2012 "Zapping Ions for Fun and Profit: Reflections on 40 Years of Research " John R. Eyler, University of Florida


2011 "Anti-Matter to Proteins: 30 Years Meandering Through the Wonderland of Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation" Gary L. Glish, University of North Carolina


2010 "Adventures and Misadventures in Mass Spectrometry" Catherine E. Costello, Boston University School of Medicine


2009 - "Symposium and Celebration in Honor of MIchael T. Bowers on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday!"

Mike Mike

2008 - “Holy Grails in Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry: Are There Any?” Helmut Schwarz, Technical University of Berlin


2007 - “A Positively Charged Life in Ion Chemistry” - Terrance B. McMahon, University of Waterloo

2006 - A Short History of the Universe (of Ion Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry) - Jean H. Futrell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

2005 Meeting cancelled due to flooding and landslides in the Lake Arrowhead region

2004 - Mass Spectrometers: Economics, Sociology, & Science of the Machine - Graham R. Cooks, Purdue University

2003 - Symposium and Celebration in Honor of Jack Beauchamp on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday - Jack's Students, Friends and Colleagues

2002 - Ions Meet Photons. Early Days of ICR Photodissociation - Robert C. Dunbar, Case Western Reserve University

2001 - Has Mike Gross Ever Done Any Ion Chemistry? - Michael L. Gross, Washington University

2000 - Symposium and Celebration of the Career and Life of Robert R. Squires - Bob's Students, Friends and Colleagues

1999 - Going with the Flow - Chuck DePuy, University of Colorado

1998 - A Personal Perspective on the Development of Guided Ion Beam Chemistry - Peter Armentrout, University of Utah

1997 - Biological Directions for FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry - Alan Marshall, Florida State University

1996 - Title? - Bob McIver, UC Irvine

1995 - Tandem High-Resolution MS of Multiply-Charged Proteins - Fred McLafferty, Cornell University

1994 - A Historical Perspective of FTMS - Charles Wilkins, UC Riverside

1993 - A slightly Irreverent History of ICR - Jack Beauchamp, Caltech

1992 - No speaker scheduled

1991 -  Hear no talks. Speak no talks. See no posters. Have no fun!

1990 - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About . . . and Its Early Practitioners, But Were Afraid to Ask - John Brauman, Stanford University

1989 - Reflections on the Development of Mass Spectrometry - Dudley Williams

1988 - No speaker indicated

1986 – The Comet is Coming! The Comet is Coming! – Wesley T. Huntress, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

1985 – Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry: A Revolutionary Two Decades – Robert W. Taft, University of California, Irvine

1984 – History of Ion-Molecule Reactions Studied by Tandem Mass Spectrometry – Jean H. Futrell, University of Utah

1983 – History of Ion-Molecule Reactions Studied by High Pressure Mass Spectrometry – Paul Kebarle, University of Alberta

1982 – History of the Flowing Afterglow – Eldon Ferguson, Environmental Research Laboratories, Boulder, CO

1981 – History of ICR – John D. Baldeschwieler, California Institute of Technology

Future Meeting Dates

January 18-20, 2019 - We are pleased to announce that Richard D. SMith of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will be the Saturday evening speaker.

January 17-19, 2020

January 15-17, 2021

Contact us for additional information.